I’m using well water for my home irrigation, but the system keeps clogging up

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May 8, 2021

Do you have a home irrigation system? Is that system fed with a well? If so, you are already saving a ton of money by simply using well water (move.org estimates the average American water bill to be $70.39 per month).  Now that we know you are fiscally savvy; you should also know that one of the most effective ways to reduce maintenance related costs and failures of your irrigation system is to add a spin-down filter to remove sediment in your water supply.  

Today, we will spend some time covering this and how Vu-Flow filters can help you avoid costly problems in the future while protecting your landscaping and vegetation at the same time. One of the biggest problems using well water is typically the quality of the water itself and for irrigation systems the biggest contributing problem to maintenance related issues is sediment. Sediment shows up as little particles in the water and is a result of years of weathering and erosion which end up in your well water due to natural factors including wind, gravity and even other water sources.

The problem with having sediment in your well water is the damage that it can do to various components of an irrigation system if it starts to plug things up. If you notice that your system keeps plugging up or there is a lack of water pressure, odds are you have sediment build up somewhere. Obviously, this becomes a burden as you need to clean out the components or even replace them so the system can operate correctly. These unexpected maintenance issues cost you time and money to fix and can damage your landscaping in the meantime.

There are a number of components in the irrigation system that can result in failure due to sediment build up. The nozzle itself could present problems should you start to get sand or dirt blocking the openings of the nozzle head. If you have a rotor-based irrigation system, the rotors themselves could be a failure point. A lot of times the sediment in the water will get stuck in the rotors before ever making it to the openings in the nozzles. These rotors over time will need to be replaced and sediment can start to build up in the water lines ultimately reducing water flow and pressure. Additionally, poor water quality can cause damage to valves in the system by building up around valve seats causing them to no longer open or shut properly. Finally, the presence of sediment in the internals of the pump will cause the unit to have to work harder and over time it will lose efficiency. This could lead to less water being pumped through the system making the irrigation less effective and costing you more money.

It is a frustrating experience to have to deal with any of these issues on your irrigation system and likely you didn’t catch it until you saw your landscaping or vegetation starting to dry or even die. Again, it is not just burdensome because you must take time to address the issue, but also because you likely have to spend money to repair or replace landscaping that took years to grow. Given the costs of irrigation systems can average as much as $5-10k don’t take the risk with not installing an inexpensive Vu-Flow spin-down filter that will provide years of sediment free operation.

Our spin-down filter, which offers sediment filtration for your entire system, is a very simple to use and basic add on to a new or existing irrigation system. The filter uses a centrifugal technology that provides in-line self-cleaning capability without the need for costly replacement filter cartridges. Our filter design uses a clear filter cover which allows you to watch the sediment filtering take place and provides you with a simple and easy way to see when your filter needs to be flushed. Our flush valves provide a way to quickly flush all the sediment in the filter out which can be done manually or even automated for your convenience. A variety of filter element sizes gives you full customization of the type of sediment you want to filter along with an easy change design, just in case, you decide later you prefer to change what you are filtering out of the system. The best thing is it has been designed with you in mind so no need to lug heavy tools around to clean it or dissemble the unit!

Vu-Flow also has a full line of filtration products specifically designed for your irrigation needs. Simply go to our website at www.vuflow.com and walk through our simple product selection criteria or give us a call directly at 1-800-833-5171 to speak to a live customer service representative who can help you select the best filter for your application.

If you have a well-fed home irrigation system, and you’re tired of the system clogging up as well as the cost of fixing it, let Vu-Flow help you avoid any more headaches and give a spin-down or sediment trapper filter a try today!