Filter Media

Vu-Flow has a full line of filter media to help filter all kinds of debris sizes. From up to 4000 microns in our heavy duty line all the way down to 5 micron in our melt blown line.

Activated Carbon Cartridge

Activated carbon filters use absorption to remove impurities such as taste and odor from water.

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Pleated Cartridge

Pleated filters have the least amount of pressure drop due to the increased surface area. They are used for removing suspended solids and are the most resistant to chemicals and bacterial growth.

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Melt Blown Cartridge

Melt Blown filters are made of 3-4 different layers of various pore sizes and are great at removing silt, oil, grease, dirt, rust/iron and particulates.

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Heavy Duty Mesh

The heavy duty stainless steel mesh is super durable and perfect for higher temperatures and very coarse or rocky abrasive particles.

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Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is a durable material perfect for applications using higher water temperatures or coarse particles.

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Poly Mesh Filter Elements

This durable polyester mesh material is chemical and bacterial resistant which makes it the perfect filter for lake and well-water.

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