Irrigation Products


Vu-Flow offers electric valves for residential, commercial, golf courses and municipal pumping stations. Our valves can be grouped together or installed individually. These valves use 24v power and need one power wire for each valve and a "common" wire shared between each valve. Vu-Flow also offers accessories for your valves like our replacement solenoids as well as our Click-It Valve locator.

Electric Valves 300 Series

A 300 series electric valve

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Electric Valves 200 Series

A 200 series electric valve

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Solenoids compatible with various manufacturers.

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A practical, cost-effective way to locate and identify irrigation solenoid valves, making valve location a one person job.

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Vu-Flow offers a variety of poly nipples, PVC nipples and CPVC nipples to connect piping together. Different sizes and types are offered to meet all of your irrigation needs.

CPVC Nipples

Threaded on both ends, available in various sizes.

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PVC Nipples

Available in white and grey

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Poly Nipples

Plain nipples, cut-off nipples, and riser extensions

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Adapter Caps

Cap adapters for inserts and foggers

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Brass Fogger

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Inserts to use with adapter caps

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Spinner Sprinkler

A spinner sprinkler for irrigation

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Vu-Flow has several different intake filters called basket strainers to help the filtration of water pulled in from lakes and ponds.

Basket Strainers

Intake filters designed to provide trouble free pumping of water from lakes, ponds, and canals.

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